Session 10 - Preparing for Seminar Presentation

This class will be overseen by Ms Elma Hajric, School for the Future of Innovation in Society.

Please come ready to discuss your seminar presentation topics as a class.

Ask questions and share your findings with your classmates.

Please use this time wisely to take as many notes in preparation as possible.


Robert Sobot, December 2018, Implantable Technology: History, Controversies, and Social Implications, pp. 35-45.

Assessment 2 Rubric – Seminar Presentation 20%

 Students are allocated a company that specializes in microchipping people with embedded technologies such as radio-frequency identification chips, near-field communication chips and more. The student is to make a presentation as if they were a business developer for the company they have been allocated, describing their key products (up to 3), how they are used (real cases if possible), their purported benefits and relevant socio-technical issues. Aspects such as costs, the method of implantation, regulations and laws, and future applications should be addressed. The student has 10 minutes to deliver their seminar presentation (only 7 powerpoint slides), and 5 minutes of question time. This presentation requires the student to: 1. Deliver the presentation orally; 2. Submit their presentation slides in softcopy; 3. Submit associated documentation that is web referenced.




Total:     / 40