Session 9 - Practice Examination

Here is your PRACTICE examination. The practice exam is worth NIL but helps you to prepare for the 20% examination to be held on 12th February 2019.

Please note, you do not have to be present for the practice examination. You can use the online form to store and submit each of your answers. I will then try to give you feedback before the date of your exam.

I would spend NO MORE than 10 minutes on each question.


To be completed on this online form, or to send a PDF file to Katina with the answers. Please allow yourself only 1hr 10 min to complete the questions. Hit submit after every question you answer.

Q1: Why would an organization use participatory design frameworks in their design-related work?

Q2. If I backcast from 5G mobile networks to 2G mobile networks, what would you say were some of the defining moments in the smartphone’s trajectory?

Q3. Where might futurists gain their inspiration for their product or service innovations? Give examples.

Q4. Provide 5 key principles that aid in the creation of good scenarios.

Q5. Why do business developers engage in technology roadmapping?

Q6. Open comment. What will you always remember from the first 8 sessions of this course on Welcome to the Future? And why is it important to you?