Session 16 - Innovation Games - Self-Study Guide for Assignment

Innovation Games

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Now please take the time to carefully fill out this form as a self-study guide in preparation for your Innovation Games assignment. We will discuss your submissions after Spring Break, and will begin the Games a week after we originally expected. I have sent a Canvas Announcement out, so please check that announcement to make sure what new date you are presenting. This will give us enough time to go through the logistics of the Innovation Game so that we can maximise the success of that assignment. I will be providing the marking rubric for this assignment after the Break.

Self-Study Guide

To be completed by 1.15 pm on 28 February 2019. Completion of this form will be marked as ‘attendance’ and ‘participation’ in our regular scheduled class.

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Find your game card from the list below. Study the game card picture. Reflect on what it might mean. Please elaborate in a few sentences.
Find your game card description. Write down the keywords in the form below. Why do you think this game might be an appropriate way to solicit feedback from stakeholders during the innovation of a new product or feature or service?
What do you think you might do your assignment on? A product, a feature set, a service? Although your assignment is very much guided by the game card you got, you do have to come up with "that which you are studying" in terms of innovation. Is it a wearable device, a new smartphone feature, the way people interact with social media apps? Etc. Your ideas should be unique, although relevant to a mass population also. Record your thoughts below.
What are the mechanics of hosting the game in class? What might you need in terms of materials or setup. Do you need A4 paper, sticky notes, the whiteboard, a youtube clip to present stimulus material. How will you break up the group, if at all? Are there handouts to give?
How will you elicit class interaction? And what will those interactions yield in terms of outcomes, related to your product innovation? In other words, at the end of the activity what piece(s) of evidence will you submit as a record of that activity?

Assignment Summary:

Innovation Games and Participation: Individual - 20%

Innovation Games are 12 games created by software engineer Luke Hohmann that help companies who innovate products or services extrapolate meaningful future feature sets. The games focus on clients, their use of products and services, and their needs and hopes for product improvement, product feature additions, supplementary and complementary technologies. By engaging clients meaningfully, Innovation Games, implements a lot of the ideas taught in the first 8 sessions of the course (in terms of technological roadmapping and knowing your customer values). Each student will be allocated an innovation game to facilitate in class. Three games will be played for 5 sessions. A single innovation game must take no more than 25 minutes to complete. In each of these sessions, the student facilitating acts as the company product manager, and the rest of the class are the clients. As your instructor I will remain silent and observe the classroom for participation, innovation in delivery, levels of interactivity, and vital evidence gained from the mock simulation. Students needs to help the facilitator make this game successful. Students are responsible for bringing materials like post-it-notes, white butcher paper, boxes, markers and pictures to stimulate group discussion. This activity has no online component. The activities will be filmed. If a student requires support for materials, they are to email the instructor 2 weeks prior to the class delivery to ensure support is provided.