Denial of Motor Vehicle Defect Petition

This notice sets forth the reasons for denying a petition (DP14–003) submitted to NHTSA 49 U.S.C. 30162, 49 CFR part 552, requesting that the agency open ‘‘an investigation into low- speed surging in the 2006– 010 Toyota Corolla [vehicles] with ETCS-i, in which the brakes fail to stop the vehicle in time to prevent a crash.’’


NASA Engineering and Safety Center - Technical Assessment Report

Technical Support to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on the Reported Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Unintended Acceleration (UA)

Executive Summary [6 pp]

Report [177 pp]

Appendix A Software [134 pp]

Appendix B Software Fishbone Diagrams [47 pp]

Appendix C Hardware [87 pp]

Appendix D Summary of Test Scenarios [7 pp]

Please note: a partially unredacted NASA 2011 technical assessment report can also be found here. The document was made public for some time.

This report should be read together with the NHTSA Report on Toyota that can be found here.

NHTSA Technical Assessment of Toyota Electronic Throttle Control Systems