Dr Robert Ogie


Also graduating will be Robert Ogie, who came to SMART in 2014 to work on the PetaJakarta research project.

Originally from Nigeria, Robert graduated with a Masters in Information Systems from the University of New England in 2013.

His doctorate uses graph theory to enable authorities in coastal megacities of developing nations to more effectively manage infrastructure to mitigate flooding.

Assets such as waterways, floodgates, dams, levees and pumping stations form complex systems that individually affect the efficiency of the network as a whole.

“The focus for me is about disasters,” Dr Ogie said.

“Right now, I am working on a project with the SES and the Multicultural Community Council of the Illawarra to improve disaster communication,” he said.

“Even people whose first language is English can struggle to understand emergency warnings.

“We are working with seven culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the Illawarra to explore the best ways of receiving those messages.”

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