Gary Retherford

Title: History of Human Microchipping


• Trigger points

The human microchip project in Cincinnati

• Interesting fun facts

Reaction to the human microchip project

• Fallout after the project

• Advances after the project Where are we today?

• Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Digital Identification Where are we headed for tomorrow?

• Challenges of Human Identification

• Opportunities in Human Identification

• Europe


Biography: Gary is a visionary, disrupter, historian, futurist, cultural change facilitator, sales professional, author, and speaker. On February 6th, 2006, under the heading Six Sigma Security, Gary facilitated the first ever use of human implantable microchipping of employees in a place of business, anywhere in the world, in Cincinnati, OH. Today, Six Sigma Security is a developing community, focused on achieving a perfect secured identity for every citizen of the world, by utilizing the six sigma methodology. Gary has spoken and presented to various organizations in both the private and government sectors as well as contributed and been interviewed on the future of human microchipping. Gary also authored the article, “Blended Training for Six Sigma”- Security Management Magazine, July 2014