Keynote: Privacy and Surveillance-based Biometrics

Keynote: Mr John S. Kendall, Director Border and National Security Program, Global Public Sector, Unisys

Title: Privacy and Surveillance-based Biometrics

Abstract: Surveillance systems are ubiquitous today. But more concerning is the emergence of biometric identification technologies that can employ surveillance devices – with or without the subject being aware. Where is this technology heading and what are the implications for privacy?

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Mr John S. Kendall, Unisys

Mr John S. Kendall, Unisys

Biography: John Kendall is the Global Director of the Unisys Border and National Security Program. Currently based in Australia, John has overall responsibility for Unisys border and national security initiatives around the globe.  With a thirty-five year career at Unisys, the last ten of those in Australia, John has worked with public sector clients in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the South Pacific. His particular area of focus has been the national security sector, helping public sector organisations leverage innovative technologies such as biometrics and real time analytics to provide secure and cost effective services to their citizens and business communities. This includes having personally worked on large scale biometric projects in Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa and elsewhere. As a Subject Matter Expert in the application of identification and biometrics, John has developed deep first hand insight into how organisations can leverage these technologies to achieve both improved efficiency and greater security in the area of border and national security. John is regularly quoted in the media providing commentary on border security, national security, and cyber security issues as well consumer attitudes toward various security measures. Read his blog posts here: He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA in Management Science from Virginia Tech.  He is an IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional and a member of the Biometrics Institute Privacy Committee.