Welcome and Introductory Comments

Co-Convener: Professor Katina Michael, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, University of Wollongong

On behalf of MG Michael and myself, thank you to all the conveners and chairs, the organisations, individuals, presenters, participants and UOW for funding the 10th Workshop on the Social Implications of National Security. It has gone from strength to strength and proven itself a fine venue for dialogue. Dialogue can only happen when we are together in a room, face one another, and openly discuss the issues we are facing as a society of stakeholders- industry, government agencies, consumers, government agencies, NGOs, academics. Today we have the following participants present- Biometrics Institute, iOmniscient, Lockstep Consulting, Xamax Consulting, Unisys, ChipMyLife, NEC, Informa, VR the World, ChipMyLife, FutureFaqtory, FutureSumo, Qld Privacy Commissioner, NSW Information Commissioner, Data Synergies, UOW, ANU, Charles Sturt University, QUT, Loyola University U.S., UNSW, NII Japan, US National Science Foundation, Quantium Health Outcomes, IIMG Ireland, IEEE. This is testament to the importance of the topic. May it be a fruitful day with real outcomes and future links forged towards continued discussion and learning.

I will do the thank yous upfront. This workshop could not have been possible without three people who stepped up to help me convene this year's proceedings. Thank you to Rob Nicholls, Monique Mann, and Peter Leonard. You have been instrumental in putting this amazing program together.

What can we learn from the deployment of multimodal biometrics in India?

What can we learn from the deployment of multimodal biometrics in India?

Katina Michael delivered this presentation as a keynote on 8 October 2015, at the Women in Policing Conference at SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad, India. 

Katina was fortunate to publish a long commentary by Usha Ramanathan in IEEE Technology and Society Magazine on Aadhaar. Her paper worth reading in full is here: "Considering Social Implications of Biometric Registration: A Database Intended for Every Citizen in India" (March 2015).