The Current State for Intelligent Systems

Session 1: Dr Rustom Kanga, CEO, iOmniscient

Title: The Current State for Intelligent Systems

Dr Rustom Kanga, iOmniscient

Dr Rustom Kanga, iOmniscient

Abstract: Organizations have installed large numbers of cameras. Unfortunately these have proved useless as they have not been able to thwart terrorist incidents. The talk will focus on how adding intelligence to the system can make them useful for improving security, safety and productivity. It willdiscuss how such systems canbe used tomake entire cities safer and smarter. As part of the talk the audience will get a better understanding on theuse of Artificial Intelligence systems in behaviour analytics and biometrics systems and how they have been deployed in real life.

Biography: In the early 1980s, Dr. Rustom Kanga led the team that built the world’s first commercial Artificial Intelligence based system at Digital Equipment Corporation. Twenty years later he co-founded iOmniscient to bring Artificial Intelligence to the Security Industry. Dr Kanga has had over 35 years of experience in various aspects of the computing and telecommunications industries as Vice President of DEC and then Compaq. In those companies he developed a reputation for starting up and growing several new businesses each of which had phenomenal success. Today he leads iOmniscient which is recognized as the technology leader in Smart City technologies involving Video, Sound and Smell Analytics for creating Safer and more efficient cities.