NanoTech and the Military: National Threat or National Security?

Title: NanoTech and the Military: National Threat or National Security?

Presenter: Donna Dulo

Abstract: The use of nanotechnology by the military will create a revolution in military affairs when the technology reaches its full potential. It will migrate, as has many novel technological instruments of war, as a tactical battlefield and intelligencetool to the basis of strategy and policy due to its effectiveness, ease of deployment, and in many cases, stealth nature.  However, its use will cause myriad ethical issues as well as issues that will adversely impact national security, at both the micro and macro levels. This presentation will explore the basics of nanotechnology and will present various developing technologies that will be deployable in hostile environments as weapons, biological agents, methods of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, cloaking technologies, information technology agents, as well as energy sources. It will explore the foundations of these technologies and merge technological concepts with the foundations and instruments of national policy and security. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on the ethics of using nanotechnology in the military domain.

Biography: Donna A. Dulo is a senior mathematician, computer scientist, and software/systems engineer for the US Department of Defense where she has worked for over 26 years in both military and civilian capacities. She is the lead author and editor of the American Bar Association's top selling seminal text "Unmanned Aircraft in the National Airspace: Critical Issues, Technology and the Law" which was published in 2015, and is currently writing on the ABA's second book entitled "Drones in the National Airspace: Emerging issues of Technology and the Law", due out in the Winter of 2016.. Dr. Dulo is a systems, software, and safety engineer for Icarus Interstellar where she designs spacecraft and integrates safety and resilience into spacecraft systems. Her focus is on long range spacecraft and the effects of long term stress on spacecraft systems. She is the founder of the Icarus Interstellar center for Space Law. Dr. Dulo is the Director of Advanced Computational technologies and a Computer Science professor at Sofia University. She is also a graduate and undergraduate faculty member in the area of computer security at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Dr. Dulo provides consulting services to various entities such as NASA, as well as to technical organizations across Silicon Val-ley. She is an astronomer at the Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy and has taught astronomy programs for the Lyceum of Monterey for over a decade. Dr. Dulo is a legal writer and scholar in the area of unmanned air-craft law and technology. She is currently the lead author and editor of the American Bar Association’s seminal text on unmanned aircraft law and technology, due out in February of 2015. She has published extensively in the areas of unmanned aircraft law and technology, astronomy, and computer science, and has published a book on computer programming. She has been featured on several national media programs this year including NPR, Slate, and the Discovery Channel. She lives in Monterey, CA.

Affiliation: US Naval Postgraduate School, Sofia University