Marcus Wigan

Title: Panel speaker on brain implants in the military.

Abstract: pending

Biography: Dr Marcus Wigan is Principal of Oxford Systematics, Professor of both Transport and of Information Systems at Napier University Edinburgh and Visiting Professor at Imperial College London and serves on the Ethics Task Force and the Economic Legal and Social Implications Committee of the Australian Computer Society, of which he is a Fellow. He has worked on the societal aspects of transport, surveillance and privacy both as an engineer and policy analyst and as an organisational psychologist. He has published for over 30 years on the interactions between intellectual property, identity and data integration in electronic road pricing and intelligent transport systems for both freight and passenger movements. Marcus Wigan has qualifications in a wide range of fields from physics to psychology, business to intellectual property law. He has served on Ministerial Advisory Councils, as expert advisor to Parliamentary Committees and chaired Standards Australia Committees. He has published, participated and researched in transport and communications issues for over forty years. A life member of Electronic Frontiers Australia and the Australian Privacy Foundation, he remains a long term advocate for civil liberties and equity with special reference to ICT, telecommunications and the internet. He was elected onto the board of ACCAN (Australian Communications Consumer Action Network) in 2013.

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus at Napier University Edinburgh