Uberveillance: Where-­‐Wear & Educative Arrangement


Uberveillance: Where-­‐wear & Educative Arrangement

Mr. Alexander Hayes, PhD Candidate, School of Information Systems & Technology (SISAT) University of Wollongong


Point-­‐of-­‐view (POV)  or body-­‐wearable-­‐video (BWV) technologies  are now recognised as a  contemporary (and  in some  cases)  preferred first-­‐person rich  media  source  for educational learning resource  creation, observational  recount  and  'on-­‐the-­‐job'  training  activity.  As  this  practice  promulgates  through  the Australian education & training sector, the intersect between law enforcement, private investigation and the armed services provides educators with salient reasons to critically analyse and determine the impact and implications these technologies are having upon learners, the sector they are employed within and the broader community alike.

What are the benefits / pitfalls that may emerge as these technologies become location enabled, centrally data  managed and  user-­‐identity dependent? Is  there a potential for misuse of the  technology and if so, what are the socio-­‐technical considerations that educational organisations need to make now?


Alexander Hayes is  Project Officer, Training & Communications, Australian National Data Service (ANDS), Division of Information, Australian National University (ANU), Canberra Australia.

Currently  completing  a  Doctor  of  Philosophy  at  the  University  of  Wollongong  (UOW)  Faculty  of Informatics,  School  of  Information  Systems  &  Technology  (SISAT),  Alexander  has  also  completed undergraduate  degrees  in  Bachelor  of  Arts  (Primary  Education)  at  Edith  Cowan  University,  Western

Australia  followed  by  a  Bachelor  of Arts  (Fine  Art)  Honours  at Curtin University  of Technology,  Perth Western Australia.

Alexander  has  worked  within  the  private,  public  &  community  service  sectors  across  the  primary, secondary,  vocational  training  (VET)  and  tertiary  sectors  in  Australia  and  New  Zealand  as  a  lecturer, teacher, project manager, e-­‐learning facilitator and specialist projects  consultant. He  has  also worked as Education  Officer  in  the  Justice  sector,  Juvenile  Justice  and  the  Department  of  Community  Services (DOCS).    Alexander  is  co-­‐founder  and  Director  of Streamfolio  Pty.  Ltd,  formed  in  2009  to  meet  the growing  demand  for  rich  media  portfolio  applications  that  interface  neatly  with  wearable,  location enabled point-­‐of-­‐view video camera technologies. Hayes is  also ICT Manager and Director of DUSS  Pty. Ltd.  and  co-­‐author  of  uberveillance.com,  a  web  site  he  created  to  openly  aggregate  key  concepts underpinning the emergent concept of Uberveillance.

More information available  at  http:www.ands.org.au (ANDS), http://www.streamfolio.com (Streamfolio) and his personal website at http://www.alexanderhayes.com