Coreveillance Demonstration

Title: Coreveillance

Scott Robertson, Derek Philipson, Private Investigators, Down Under Security Solutions Pty. Ltd.


Down  Under  Security  Solutions  Pty.  Ltd.  are  one  of Australia's  largest  suppliers  of  the  eWitness  head camera  system. With  a  private  investigations  industry  background,  DUSS  are  also  suppliers  of  covert operations  technologies  under  the  Coreveillance  brand.  DUSS  work  closely  with  government,  non-­government  and  industry  stakeholders  within  an Australasian footprint.  ‘Coreveillance’  is  an  emergent service & product supply brand for DUSS.


Duss has been operating for 3 and a half years throughout Australia. DUSS also supply to a growing client base in the education and training sectors of Australiasia.

DUSS provide personal overt and covert POV camera systems to Police Departments in 6 states, including the NSW Police Riot Squad and surveillances units in every state, Australian Customs, WA Fisheries,

Department of Defence, Australian Federal Police, numerous councils throughout NSW, Royal Australian Air Force, over 25 private security firms across Australia, Licensed Venues throughout NSW, The Office Of Liquor, Gaming and Racing and many other affiliated organisations.

Scott Robertson served in the RAAF for 5 years as an Avionics Technician, repairing and maintaining F/A 18 Hornet Radar, communications  and operating systems. Roberston then spent another 5 years working at

RAAF bases throughout Australia and the Middle East and was involved in Avionics Update Programs with RAAF F111 Strike Fighter Aircraft and Jaguar Fighter Aircraft in The Sultanate of Oman during the Gulf War.

Robertson  has  13  years  of  covert surveillance  experience  in Australia.  Robertson  is  a  Director of  Down Under Security Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Derek  Philipson  was  employed  by  the Victoria  Police  Force  from  February  1976  until his  resignation in August  1996.  He  performed  surveillance  duties  with  the  Bureau  of Criminal  Intelligence  (State  Crime Surveillance Unit) until 1986 when he was seconded to the National Crime Authority (NCA). At the NCA, he was involved in numerous long term investigations on well known Australian organized crime figures.

In 1993,  Philipson  was  promoted to  Sergeant  at  the  Victoria  Police  Internal Affairs  Department. While attached to  the  Victoria  Police  he  performed  surveillance  activities  whilst working with detectives  and surveillance team members from every Australian State, ASIO and the Australian Federal Police. Philipson has  also  performed  in  duties  as  a  supervisor,  a  surveillance  instructor  and  as  a  general  surveillance investigator. In 1996, he resigned from the Victoria Police and has continued in private investigations since. Philipson  is  a  Director of  Down  Under Security  Solutions  Pty.  Ltd.  and  manager  of his  own  company Philipson Investigations Pty. Ltd.