IGNITE: Fall-down alerts with RFID

Title: Fall-down alerts with RFID: Behavioural Tracking of At-Risk Patients in a Campus Setting

Presenter: Katina Michael

Affiliation: University of Wollongong, Centre for Persuasive Technology and Society

Representation: Council on RFID

Description: Falls are the leading cause of injury in older persons. Using RFID you can track the movements of an older person with the ability to predict a fall based on patterns of movement in a home, retirement village or hospital. This brief presentation demonstrates the potential benefits of RFID in a positive application of human activity monitoring. Responses to the data recorded by RFID could be to alter conditions where it has been demonstrated that older persons have been prone to falling, providing additional reinforcements and supports in specific zones to prevent accidents, and as a real-time locator. The older person can also use the RFID device to signal for emergency assistance.

Support Sources:

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Using RFID to prevent or detect falls, wandering, bed egress and medication errors
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