Are People Really Being Microchipped?

The microchipping of people is not a new phenomenon. Heart pacemakers have been around since the late 1950s. But implantable devices, for humancentric use, entered the technology landscape in 1997 when Eduardo Kac performed his bioethics art piece, ”Time Capsule”.  Since then, thousands of people have embarked on implantable devices, with convenience as the chief motivator. In 2003, the Verichip Company formed and in response to September 11, launched a suite of applications that required a small radio frequency identification (RFID) device to be implanted in the right tricep.  These products are now marketed not only to those interested in body modification, but also to corporates. That people are being microchipped voluntarily is a reality, especially for those who believe in human augmentation as a means of evolution.  This talk will introduce global conversations regarding the use, and a wider diffusion of, embedded implantable systems and participants will have an opportunity to share their ideas on the topic.

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What a wonderful afternoon spent at the North Kiama Neighbourhood Centre with the U3A folk in the Kiama Municipality. I was so encouraged to see so many community members turn out. Every seat in the room was taken and the contributions to the interactive discussion were insightful, wise and holistic. U3A at Kiama you are to be commended for such excellent organisation, participation, and ongoing support.

Unsurprisingly, this was one of the most informed audiences I've had the pleasure of delivering a talk to- astute on ethics speak, great questions,  and all round knowledgeable contributions.

Thank you all for your active participation, for the gift, and for the invitation.