The Internet of Us: RADCOMM2017

I will be one of the keynote speakers of this event. I appreciate the invitation from RADCOMMS17 committee and extend thanks to the ACMA whom have been a target audience of our previous research.

Title: The Internet of Us

Abstract: Microchipping humans was once the stuff of science fiction but today we seem to be more than just dabbling in our dreams. For some fusing technology with the flesh will herald in an unforeseen utopia, and yet for others embedded sensors ‘under the skin’ is a clear marker of a dystopic future. What are the social implications of opting in or opting out to such a cyborgian vision? What are the unintended consequences of becoming an electrophorus? And what are the opportunity costs of not doing so? This presentation will describe where humans fit into The Internet of Things equation, and how we might be propelling ourselves toward an Internet of Us before too long. Welcome to uberveillance, where you too, might well be considered a node on a 5G network. It’s time to talk about the sociotechnical implications of humancentric embedded non-medical telecommunications devices that can be injected or even swallowed.

Biography: Katina Michael is a Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences at the University of Wollongong. She has a PhD in automatic identification innovation, a Masters in Transnational Crime Prevention and a Bachelors of Information Technology. She started out her career as a Graduate Engineer for Nortel Networks in 1996 and stayed with the company for six years working in pre-sales engineering throughout Asia and North America. In academia, Katina has authored seven books, guest edited 12 special journal issues, and written over a hundred peer reviewed papers. In 2008, Katina was successful in attaining a significant Australian Research Council grant on the topic of Location Based Services and Telecommunications Policy in Australia and has been researching the social implications of emerging technologies for twenty years. Katina is Editor in Chief of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine and a Senior Editor of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine.

Full program available here