Schmidt Futures Foundation Grant Proposal

A great experience to be a part of the Schmidt Futures Foundation Challenge. Great to see an emphasis on community. Thank you to City of Tempe for all their support and especially to the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. We worked solidly since last September on this project with nearly weekly meetings. Thanks also to our pitch coach Viktor Brandtneris for his invaluable expertise! Thanks also to Andrew Nelson and Jacqueline who were with us every step of the way, and to President Crow who backed the project and hosted the inaugural event! What a top experience.


Thad Miller (Team Leader), with Devon, Luke, David, Rosa, Katina

Alliance for the American Dream discussion:

ASU awarded Schmidt Futures:

Schmidt Futures Finalists:

Example Project: Autonomous Vehicles for Mobility Access: How Self-Driving Cars Can Reduce Transportation Expenses for Middle-Class Arizonans

ASU and the city of Tempe will collaboratively develop public-private partnerships making use of autonomous shuttles to provide low-cost mobility and transit services for middle-income families in Tempe. This project will target several key population centers in the city to provide quality, cost-efficient mobility where it is currently absent. This is expected to decrease annual transportation expenditures by up to $5,000 per household.