The Anomaly

Michael, K. "The Anomaly", in N.N. Trakakis (ed.) Southern Sun, Aegean Light: Poetry of Second-Generation Greek-Australians, 2011, p. 222.  

I consider that which is good
Yet is so unloved by the world
I consider that which nourishes the soul
And is rejected and discarded
I consider that which grants life
And is subjected to denial
I consider that which is merciful
And is hated for its patience
I consider that which is breath
And is persecuted because it is truth
I consider that which is compassionate
And is wounded for its warmth

And pray that the undercurrents of this time
Be revealed to this passing generation.


Review by Jena Woodhouse in A Sprig of Basil in foam:e. Woodhouse writes: "Katina Michael, professor of informatics, produces some radical experimentation in form and content, challenging received thinking and the new status quo. Rather than scan her complex techno text, I’ve opted for the quieter subversiveness of one of her shorter poems."


First published in Ed. Alison White, The Australian Anthology of New Poets 1996, White-Wood Services, WA, Australia, 1996, p. 123.