Uber Company Reading on Uberveillance

A few days ago Michael and I received our monthly dashboard results for readership on our Selected Works pages. We've not kept pace with uploading our work in the last 18 months but interesting one figure that really stuck out is that in the last 90 days, Uber employees have downloaded our articles about 400 times.

uber intrusion.png
what is uber reading of michael and michael.png

Brilliant Podcasts of ASU's Heather Moss and Andrew Maynard

"Future Out Loud gives you a weekly dose of engaging and entertaining “hallway conversations” on our collective future, and how emerging science and technology are impacting society."

Please visit here: https://futureoutloud.org/podcasts-archive/

The Future Out Loud has to be one of the best and most current podcasts on technology/future/life issues I've listened to. I love its relaxed style and brilliant guests!

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