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Social Media Addiction: Unliking Facebook

"A wolf in sheep's clothing

Social media is presented as a fun, innovative and exciting technology we should give ourselves to because it's a major part of modern business and keeping up to date.

Social media addiction is a special area of interest for University of Wollongong technology lecturer Associate Professor Katina Michael.

She researches how emerging technology affects society and says we have created a 'look down' generation, where people are now obsessed with using social media on their smart phones.

But like anything that stimulates our brain to release feel-good chemicals, it needs to be kept in check, and when it doesn't, the consequences of this new technology are looking bad.

"Some of the implications are grave - some people have begun to link social media addiction with feelings of anxiety, depression and mental health issues," Associate Professor Michael says.

"It can trigger an obsessive compulsive disorder, but increasingly the social impacts on health have yet to be defined.

"We don't have names for the health implications yet because we're just starting to see the effects of it."

How to know when you're addicted?

You might be suffering from a social media addiction without even knowing it.

Katina Michael says you may be hooked if:

  • You get anxious when you wake up and feel pressure to access your social media accounts, and you do so while you're still in bed.

  • When you're not on Facebook, you're preoccupied with it even if you're not online.

  • You close the Facebook screen and instantaneously re-open it and not know why.

  • You hear social media notifications come through on your phone and act on them, even if you're in the middle of a conversation."

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Citation: Katina Michael with Justin Huntsdale, "Unliking Facebook - the social media addiction that has you by the throat", ABC Illawarra