Privacy Act Amendments: What do they mean for Australian Consumers?


Source: Murfett Legal

Source: Murfett Legal

Changes have been announced to the Privacy Laws - will these changes affect you? Why have these changes been brought in; what needs to be done to comply with these laws and what are the penalties for non-compliance. Rod Quinn will discuss with Dr Katina Michael who is Vice-Chair Australian Privacy Foundation. Will these changes give more protection to your data stored on computers?

Keywords: privacy, act, law, Australia, credit reporting, direct marketing, cross border flow, sensitive information, tax file number, Australia Card, Access Card, centralisation, social media, new technologies, cloud storage, big data, disclosure

Citation: Katina Michael and Rod Quinn. March 28, 2014, "Privacy Act Amendments: What do they mean for Australian Consumers?" ABC Overnights (2014), Available at:

A high-tech point of view

Helmet cameras and glasses that can record a persons point-of-view (POV) of the world were some of the subjects discussed at a conference held at the Wollongong City Beach Function Centre over the weekend.

The inaugural AUPOV09 national conference focussed on POV technologies - hands-free video and audio technologies that record your POV - and their applied use in an educational training and assessment context.

The conference brought together delegates from private enterprise, the Australian Navy, Australian Armed Forces, University of Wollongong, University of NSW, commercial publishers, educational consultants, and POV manufacturing and retail distributers.

UOW academics Associate Professor Tony Herrington (Education), Dr MG Michael (Informatics) and Dr Katina Michael (Informatics) addressed the conference.

Prof Herrington spoke on the topic of Mobile Learning at UOW and the use of emerging technologies such as mobile smart phones in education.

e presented some of the findings of a recent project of which he was a lead collaborator, The New Technologies, New Pedagogies, which investigated and created new teaching and learning strategies using mobile technologies.

Dr Michael and Dr Michael presented a plenary session on Teaching Ethics Using Wearable Computing and the Social Implications of the New 'Veillance'.

Citation: ILM, June 30, 2009, "A high-tech point of view", Illawarra Mercury, p. 24.