Would you Microchip Your Hand?

Description: Katina Michael - Professor at the School of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Wollongong - chats to Trevor Long and Nick Bennett on Talking Technology about the ethical implications of Swedish workers getting RFID tags inserted into their hands to give them access to doors and photocopiers at work.

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Citation: Katina Michael with Trevor Long and Nick Bennett, April 7, 2017, "Would You Microchip Your Hand", Talking Technology, Talking Lifestyle, https://omny.fm/shows/talking-technology/would-you-micro-chip-your-hand, Macquarie Media Ltd.

The new way to pay with Smartwatches

Information systems and technology associate professor Katina Michael is worried about paying with wearables and other emerging contactless devices.

The University of Wollongong academic voiced her concerns at FST Media’s recent Future of Security in Financial Services Summit.

Michael said “lax security” of some contactless payment methods, for example, made it easier for juveniles to swipe $100 “from a parent’s card without their knowledge.”

Even when a second factor for authentication was introduced, it did not mask the underlying weakness of these newer platforms, she said.

“What are we doing introducing insecure technologies like NFC [near field communications] and ‘touch and go’ [payments] through different types of wearables and card tokens and then trying to back them up with some kind of second tier authentication like biometrics?” she said.

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Citation: M2, March 18, 2015, "The new way to pay with Smartwatches", M2 Presswire.

Uberveillance on Flipboard

MG Michael and I do not know the creators of this Flipboard: https://flipboard.com/@unsecurity/uberveillance-190rhkgiz that utilises the UBERVEILLANCE meme. One thing is for certain they gather some of the world's most relevant stories in relationship to the broader theme of uberveillance. The issues are organised by @unsecurity @mikeal0102 and @mlcp (Doris Cook).