Govt launches security research network

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has sponsored a new online directory Australia's security professionals and academia, which aims to highlight leaders in the


The National Security Research Directory is a brain's trust of hundreds of experts operating in a burgeoning list of fields across IT security, biometrics and counter-terrorism.

It includes research topic areas such as applied cryptography, physical security and "ubervelliance" — a system with the ability to automatically locate and identify individuals and predict their movements.

Nominated researchers must be members of the Research Network Secure Australia and clear its professional background checks. 

Deputy national security advisor Margot McCarthy said the network will tighten coordination on matters of national security in the public and private sectors.

McCarthy also announced the National Security Advisor's Group within the Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet, which will report directly to the National Security chief information officer, Rachael Noble, on issues including cybersecurity.

Citation: Darren Pauli, "Govt launches security research network", ZDNet.com