Will Australia's Encryption Law Kill Privacy in Name of Safety?

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Government leaders & law enforcement are trying to force tech companies to put backdoors in encryption in the name of public safety. There are 750,000 law enforcement employees & 1/2 million US intelligence agencies community employees who may use those backdoors, & likely many others worldwide. Strong encryption is available throughout the world. If businesses & general public are forced to use encryption with back doors, will cybercrooks will be the only ones using strong encryption; those the backdoors were intended to be used on to begin with? How will Australia’s new law requiring encryption backdoors impact data security & privacy? Who has oversight of that law? How will it impact other countries? Does any evidence prove encryption backdoors have improved safety/security? Rebecca discusses these and related issues with Dr. Katina Michael, Arizona State University director of the Centre for Engineering, Policy and Society. Katina is also a privacy and uberveillance pioneer.

Source: Katina Michael with Rebecca Herold, 5 February 2019, “Will Australia’s Encryption Law Kill Privacy in the Name of Safety?”, Data Security and Privacy: Voice of America, https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/episode/112884