Policing and the New Visibility: Body Worn Video Recorders Are Coming

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Katina MichaelUniversity of Wollongong
Linda MottramABC 702 Sydney Radio


A few days ago a Sydney teen was involved in an incident with NSW Police at the Mardi Gras http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2013/03/06/19/11/sydney-teen-in-mardi-gras-brutality-video-speaks In this short discussion with Linda Mottram I try to capture the social implications of new technologies like smart phones. Yes, the incident did not put police in a positive light. And yes, it did to damage to the NSW Police brand, and in addition to the years of effort between gay and lesbian community members and the NSW Police Service. But what will happen when police begin to roll out and use body worn video cameras? Will incidents by community members go viral? Will we be comparing footage of police point of views as opposed to community member point of views? How will this data be stored? Who first person direct evidence is the most factual? New technologies are currently being used by citizens to capture these kinds of events, but what of the future and police shooting back to minimise complaints etc?

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Katina Michael and Linda Mottram. "Policing and the New Visibility: Body Worn Video Recorders Are Coming" Mornings with Linda Mottram: ABC 702 Sydney Mar. 2013: 8.45am-8.48am.