Reflections from the Wearable Computing Conference in Toronto, Canada

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Nick RheinbergerABC Illawarra
Katina MichaelUniversity of Wollongong
Alexander HayesUniversity of Wollongong


Could sports men and women who are monitored using wearable computers actually be playing to a global theatre to ensure the upkeep of their performance benchmarks instead of consciously watching and reacting to what is happening in the game they are playing? What are the social implications of heart rate monitors and GPS units now embedded into player clothing? What were some of the reflections from the IEEE ISTAS13 meeting on Wearable Computers in Every Day Life? What were some of the main messages that you walked away with from that conference? What made the greatest impression on us was that there were people constantly recording both audio and video content. How would we behave if such a practice became the norm and not the exception? How would we as individuals respond to constantly being under the microscope? Katina Michael recites her poem live from the closing of the IEEE ISTAS13 conference:

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Nick Rheinberger, Katina Michael, and Alexander Hayes. "Reflections from the Wearable Computing Conference in Toronto, Canada" ABC Radio 97.3 on Mornings Jul. 2013: 10.30 a.m.-11.00 a.m..