Exploding the Myth of Data Privacy: "I'm Your Private Data"

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Katina MichaelUniversity of Wollongong
Howard HechtTHE COIL
Fred McClimansTHE COIL


How much is your privacy worth? Data privacy is an issue that only comes into focus in the collective consciousness when shoved into view by a substantive breach in personal data security. Whether the origin of the incursion is criminal or governmental, the focus quickly fades to black and a general feeling of helplessness persists. Privacy advocates who continue to insist that the battle being fought is one of rights are galvanizing our collective impotence in the realm of data privacy.

Battles for civil or human rights are typically measured in decades and we simply don’t have the time. Do we need to temporarily suspend our efforts in establishing footholds in the rights to privacy? Should we instead be working quickly and diligently towards establishing the price of privacy?

Dr. Katina Michael, Associate Dean - International, at the University of Wollongong, joins Fred and Howard on The COIL to share her insights on the future of privacy and personal data.

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Katina Michael, Howard Hecht, and Fred McClimans. "Exploding the Myth of Data Privacy: "I'm Your Private Data"" THE COIL RADIO Sep. 2013.