Total Curriculum Management developed by Katina Michael

I spent 2008 on a teaching scholarship at the University of Wollongong under the leadership of the wonderful Dr Gerry Lefoe and at that time PhD candidate Dominque Parish (now an Associate Dean at UOW). Alongside another 6 talented teaching scholars, we embarked on a study Gerry received a large grant for on the topic of Distributive Leadership. Over a period of 8 months I began to develop the notion of Total Curriculum Management, borrowing much from the business discipline on Total Quality Management. I was trying to connect all the different facets of teaching and learning, and how to construct smart programs to meet the needs of future students as well as meet accreditation requirements in the School of Information Systems and Technology.

Oliviers of the Lecture Theatre

This film was recorded by the Centre for Educational Development, Innovation and Recognition (CEDIR) at the University of Wollongong in my fourth semester of lecturing (October 12, 2004). I was a recently completed PhD at the time, and took every opportunity to develop my public speaking skills (I still go on these types of courses). I am indebted to both Ian McGrath and Janice from the School of Creative Arts (Dramatic Performance) at UOW for their mentoring. This course was dubbed "Oliviers of the Lecture Theatre" and Ian has even written an article on it: When I look back at this footage, I cringe, but certainly am not embarrassed. I was moving like a robot, speaking in monotone, and repeating myself. For those viewing the footage, consider the commentary from two masters of performance, Ian and Janice! How invaluable to receive this one on one training- it practically changed me in the classroom. Body language, breathing, movement, emphasis, clarity of speech, pregnant pauses, voice projection, confidence, passion -- lecturing is not easy but it can be a whole lot of fun depending on whether you are serious about taking on the challenge!