CF104 Mysteries of Life and Death Lectures and Tutorials

Part I of the Module on Baptism and Chrismation

Topic 1: The spine-chilling Mysteries and their setting. An introduction to Christian initiation.

Topic 2: Baptism in the New Testament and Early Church

Topic 3: Orthodox Initiation in the contemporary situation: Pastoral and Theological issues.

Topic 4: Case Study 1: St Cyril of Jerusalem

Topic 5: St Ambrose of Milan

Part II: Sanctifying Life and Death

Topic 6: The Occasional Services of the Book of Needs

Topic 7: Prayers during illness, visitation of the sick, and the Euchelaion (service of anointing)

Topic 8: The funeral and memorial services of the Orthodox Church

Topic 9: Issues of Life and Death

John Breck: The Sacred Gift of Life: Orthodox Christianity and Bioethics