Judith Nachum - The Holocaust Survivor

I always thought that Zyklon B was the first, and that the gas chambers started in Auschwitz. Not so. First they killed “in” Germany all the crazies, all the “sub-normal” people, all the sick ones like mongoloids. And they had people like this in the camps, and in the beginning they would take them by train from the camp back to Germany and put them in a special building with cellars, which they called Sunshine House, and they killed them with carbon-monoxide. And then someone thought that carbon-monoxide would be a good way to kill the Jews, and they started by putting the Jews on trucks in Russia, already half-dead and they finished them off in the trucks. But you needed vehicles and so it was costly to them, and then only, they said in this one place in Auschwitz where they were holding Polish prisoners, political prisoners who they had killed (some of whom were hung)… One Nazi SS opened the door in one of these old buildings (Block 11), and found a whole heap of old clothing, hundreds of pieces, that were worn by the Polish prisoners. And on the door, was the sign of the skull and crossbones which represented poison and infection. So you had these little platelets that you would light up the gas with, and they were used to kill vermin, it killed all these things. And that gave them the idea- vermin here, and here you’ve got the vermin, the Jews. And that is how they made these gas chambers. That was the Zyklon B, and this is how they did it.

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