Periodical Oversight and Structure

The IEEE SSIT has a designated role for oversight on periodicals. Professor John Impagliazzo currently serves as the Vice President of Publications for SSIT. Dr. Impagliazzo has a wealth of publications experience on several high-profile computing publications. He regularly provides updates to the Board of Governors at SSIT monthly meetings regarding progress of the Society’s periodicals.

A strong team of internationally renowned researchers and practitioners, members of NGOs, as well as not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, institutes and centers have volunteered to serve in a variety of capacities for the IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society. Membership involvement occurs in three areas:

o   Steering Committee

o   Editorial Board

o   Publication Board

Nominations for the position of steering committee chair and publication board chair will happen in early 2019.

 The founding editor-in-chief has nominated candidates for the three governing areas based on their involvement with this proposal, their interests in thematic areas of technology and society, their involvement in past IEEE SSIT international events and symposia, and their reputable profile within IEEE. In all, the founding EIC has approached more than six-dozen experts to participate; all have consented to engage in one of these three areas.

Although three separate committees and boards exist on the editorial side of the proposed Transactions, the SSIT publications vice president (John Impagliazzo) and the founding editor-in-chief (Katina Michael) will maintain and ongoing link between them. Several members of each committee have dual roles, based on personal preferences; they will also function as a link and reporting mechanism between the groups. While the steering committee will focus on the strategic direction of the transactions, the publication committee will establish the proposed Transactions’ manuscript submission rules; and the editorial board will focus on operational day-to-day tasks in the review of manuscripts and maintaining the quality of the publication. The interaction of the periodical oversight process is illustrated below (graphic coming).