SSIT currently has a quarterly publication, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, published since January of 1982. The editors of the SSIT magazine have published quality technical articles covering a broad range of technical areas at the forefront of technology. Although the magazine accommodates general articles, there is a need to have a home to host highly developed research that makes major contributions to theory and practice in the social implications of technologies. Having a SSIT-related, transactions-level publication will provide an additional dynamic venue to publish and communicate in-depth, multidisciplinary, high quality technical work on global developments and challenges resulting from the interaction of technology and society.

Authors publishing in these transactions would apply existing theoretical frameworks in new ways, develop new theoretical and methodological approaches to studying the interplay of technology and society, or use innovative data collection techniques from qualitative and quantitative realms to provide strong empirical evidence.

Traditional IEEE transaction/journal publications focus on specific technical areas indigenous to a specific IEEE society or organizational unit. However, the scope of SSIT transcends most if not all technical areas. The cross-cutting theme of “technology and society” is a universally understood theme that encompasses the societal aspects of all engineering and technology disciplines as well as interests within IEEE.

The new publication would appeal to both IEEE and non-IEEE members and constituencies because of its multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary focus. Authors publishing in the proposed Transactions could present new theoretical and methodological approaches to the interplay of technology and society. They could also present innovative data collection techniques from qualitative and quantitative realms as empirical evidence for their theses. Hence, a technology and society transactions-level publication would provide a dynamic new home within IEEE to publish and communicate in-depth, high quality, multidisciplinary research in the technology and society space.

Few papers published in other IEEE publications that fall within the scope of this proposal would have the research focus, depth, and detail related to society and humanity. Technical papers submitted in these publications may touch on technology and society matters, but only in a very peripheral way by emphasizing technical matters without extrapolating related research on social implications. The proposed Transactions would fill the vacuum that currently exists within IEEE. SSIT expects the proposed Transactions to become IEEE’s premiere technology and society (T&S) research publication appealing to IEEE members and related global communities.