Publication Board

The publication board serves as an at-large editorial advisory board. Each member of this board is an expert in matters pertaining to technology and society and has had heavy engagement with editorial boards in the past. The publication board will be establishing guidelines for the submission of manuscripts and identifying the types of papers (i.e., short, brief, regular) authors can submit. The publication board will also become active in inviting targeted authors to submit seminal work to the proposed Transactions. The following table contains a list of publication board members that have consented to serve the proposed Transactions for a period of three years. Many of these members are affiliated with annual events, like Professor Carolyn McGregor in the IEEE Life Sciences Conference (LSC).

 The publications board will also be responsible for working out specific details with ad hoc conferences, workshops and symposia to garner the feasibility of peer-reviewed papers stemming from ideas in presentations or proceedings of these conferences. Guidelines for the submission of papers that incorporate conference proceedings will be in line with those stipulated by IEEE, but the publications board may have to adjudicate cases in question. The publications chair (TBD) may also liaise with IEEE in the latest innovation processes for publication, including the J1/C2 model, open access mechanisms, and the potential for primary datasets and audiovisual content to accompany IEEE Xplore digital papers. On an ad hoc basis, the founding editor-in-chief may confer with the publication board on matters of plagiarism, immediate desk rejects, and opinions sought on anomalous cases to do with authorship or suspected academic misconduct. The publications board will also consider requests for future schedule changes or page counts regarding the proposed Transactions.

 The publication board plans to attract content of a high-caliber from prospective authors. All members of the publication board have published some of their work in the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. Almost all publication board members have attended IEEE events including the International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS). Renowned researchers like Professors Joe Herkert, Keith W. Miller and Ronald Kline have previously been the editor-in-chief of SSIT’s magazine and they maintain a wealth of prior experience on the publication board. Dr Michael Eldred and Joe Carvalko have served as associate editors of the magazine in the past.