Founding Editor in Chief Identification and Background

SSIT has designated Prof. Dr. Katina Michael as the Founding Editor-in-Chief of this publication. She has many years of experience in fulfilling this role. The following subsections support this designation.


Dr. Katina Michael is a full professor in the School of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. Until recently she was the Associate Dean–International in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences. Katina was formerly the long-standing IEEE Technology and Society Magazine editor-in-chief (2012-2017); presently she is an IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine senior editor.

Since 2008 she has been a board member of the Australian Privacy Foundation and formerly its vice-chair. She was also active as a member of the Consumers Federation of Australia until 2016, representing consumers in the formation of DNA investigative forensic standards in Australia. Michael researches on the socio-ethical implications of emerging technologies. She has written and edited six books, guest edited numerous special issue journals on themes related to radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, supply chain management, location-based services, innovation, and surveillance. In 2017, Katina received the prestigious Brian M. O'Connell Award for Distinguished Service from the IEEE Society on the Social Implications of Technology (SSIT). She has previously program chaired two International Symposia on Technology and Society (in 2010 on emerging technologies and in 2013 on wearable computing). She also is the annual convener of the Social Implications of National Security workshop series focusing on emerging technologies, now in its eleventh year.

Early and Guest Edited Special Issues

Dr. Michael has been responsible for more than a dozen special issue journals since 2008, among them two special issues in the Proceedings of the IEEE (i.e. 2010 on RFID, and 2018 on robotics). In 2015, she took on the senior editor role at IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. She was previously a member of the editorial team for Elsevier's Computers & Security and Springer's Social Network Analysis and Mining journals. Currently, she serves on the editorial board of the journal, Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine.

Dr. Michael has dedicated a great deal of time to special issues in her research interest areas. Below is a list of special issues that she has completed, separate from her editing responsibilities for the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, where she served as EIC for six years.

  • §  Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation (2006), Volume 24, Issue 4: The Social Implications of National Security, Edited by Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

  • §  Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (2008), Volume 3, Issue 1: RFID and Supply Chain Management, Edited by Tim Coltman, Rajit Gadh, and Katina Michael.

  • §  Computer Communications (2008), Volume 31, Issue 6: Advanced Location-Based Services, Edited by Miguel A. Labrador, Katina Michael and Axel Küpper.

  • §  IEEE Technology & Society Magazine (2010), Volume 29, Number 2: Uberveillance, Edited by Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

  • §  Proceedings of the IEEE (2010) - RFID- A Unique Radio Innovation for the 21st Century”, Volume 98, Issue 9, Edited by Rajit Gadh, George Roussos, Katina Michael and George Huang.

  • §  Journal of Cases in IT (2011), Volume 13, Number 2, The Social Implications of Emerging Technologies, Edited by Katina Michael, M.G. Michael and Roba Abbas.

  • §  IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (2011), Volume 30, Issue 2: The Social Implications of Emerging Technologies, Edited by Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

  • §  Journal of Location-Based Services (2011), Volume 5, Issue 3-4: The social and behavioural implications of location-based services, Edited by Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

  • §  Computer (2012), Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges, Volume 46, Number 6, Edited by Katina Michael and Keith Miller.

  • §  Electronic Commerce Research (2013), Service-Based Electronic Commerce Systems, Volume 13, Issue 2, Edited by Shiguo Lian, Xi Chen, and Katina Michael.

  • §  IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (2015), Little Brother is Watching, Volume 4, Number 2, Edited by Katina Michael.

  • §  IEEE Potentials (2016), Unintended Consequences, Volume 35, Number 5, Edited by Ramona Pringle, Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

  • §  IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (2018), Robots and Socio-Ethical Implications, Volume 37, Issue 1, Edited by Katina Michael, Diana Bowman, Meg Leta Jones, Ramona Pringle.

  • §  IEEE Robotics and Automation (2018), Socioethical Approaches to Robotics Development, Volume 25, Number 1, Edited by Noel Sharkey, Aimee van Wynsberghe, John C. Havens, Katina Michael.

Dr. Michael has been an editor in varying capacities from 2005 to present. Some outlets for whom she has previously edited include the following.

  • §  2005-2010: Inaugural Technical Editor of the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce (JTAER). Mentorship received by editor in chief Prof. Narciso Cerpa of the University of Talca.

  • §  2010-2012: Editor of Elsevier's Computers & Security (COSE). Mentorship received by academic editor Dimitris Gritzalis of Athens University of Economics & Business, and editor in chief Eugene H. Spafford of Purdue University.

  • §  2012-2017: Editor of Springer's Social Network and Mining Analysis (SNMA). Mentorship received by Professor Reda Alhajj of the University of Calgary.

  • §  2012-2017: Editor in Chief of the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (T&S). Mentorship received by Past Editor in Chief Professor Keith Miller, at the time at the University of Illinois, Springfield, and the brilliant managing editor Ms Terri Bookman.

  • §  2015-Present: Senior Editor of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (CEMAG). Mentorship received by Past Editor in Chief Professor Peter Corcoran of the University of Gallway, current Editor in Chief Professor Saraju Mohanty of the University of North Texas, and the brilliant managing editor Mr Craig Causer of the IEEE.

  • §  2016- Present: Associate Editor of Begell House's Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine: An International Journal. Mentorship received by Editor in Chief Professor Sub

Additionally, Dr. Michael has been part of an ongoing series of special issues with three other colleagues. The series, titled “Emerging Technologies, Ethics and International Affairs,” examines the crucial ethical, legal and public policy questions arising from or exacerbated by the design, development and eventual adoption of new technologies across all related fields, from education and engineering to medicine and military affairs. The books revolve around two key themes: Moral issues in research, engineering and design and ethical, legal and political/policy issues in the use and regulation of technology This series encourages submission of innovative research monographs and edited collections with a focus on forward-looking ideas concerning innovative or yet undeveloped technologies. While there is an expectation that authors be well grounded in philosophy, law or political science, editors consider future-orientated works that cross these disciplinary boundaries. The interdisciplinary nature of the series editorial team offers the best possible examination of works that address the ’ethical, legal and social’ implications of emerging technologies.


From the above, Dr. Katina Michael possesses the experience, the characteristics, and the attributes needed to launch and to become the founding editor-in-chief of the proposed IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society. SSIT fully endorses her commitment to this endeavor as its final decision.