Alternate Publications Outlets

If your paper is not accepted to IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society, we recommend a number of other avenues for peer reviewed assessment.

First and foremost, please take on board reviewer suggestions, before you resubmit your paper in another publication outlet.

Second, you can use the IEEE Recommender system to see what other publications outlets within IEEE are relevant to your paper’s topic. Search here:

IEEE Alternate Publications

For example, searching the topic “Social Implications of Technology” will give you a number of alternate IEEE outlets:

1. Technology and Society Magazine, IEEE

2. Computational Social Systems, IEEE Transactions on

3. MultiMedia, IEEE

4. Potentials, IEEE

5. Internet Computing, IEEE

6. Consumer Electronics Magazine, IEEE

7. Intelligent Systems, IEEE

8. Pervasive Computing, IEEE

9. Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on

10. Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on

Alternate IEEE periodicals that authors can consider publication in.

Alternate non-IEEE Publications Outlet

  1. Science, Technology & Human Values, STHV, SAGE, Bi-monthly

  2. Telematics and Informatics, TI, Springer, Quarterly

  3. Information, Communication & Society, ICS, Taylor & Francis, Monthly

  4. Science & Engineering Ethics, SEE, Springer, Bi-monthly

  5. The Information Society, TIS, Taylor & Francis, 5 issues

  6. Information Technology and People, ITP, Emerald, Quarterly

  7. Technology in Society, TiS, Springer, Quarterly

  8. Ethics and Information Technology, ETI, Springer, Quarterly

  9. Science, Technology & Society, STS, SAGE, Quarterly

  10. Technology & Culture, T&C, JHU, Quarterly

  11. Computers and Society, C&S, ACM, Quarterly

  12. International Journal of Technoethics, IJT, IGI, Semi-annual

  13. Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society, BSTS, SAGE, Quarterly