Departing Souls

It is the 31st May 2016. It is raining outside. It is 1pm.

In Mascot, Sydney, NSW at St Katherine's Greek Orthodox Church, a funeral service is taking place. My brother's wife has departed (25 May 2016 @ 6pm), and today we are praying for her soul, that she have eternal rest. 

We pray that Reggina finds comfort on the side of Christ's righteousness. That her immediate family, my brother and his two children are strengthened by God, and that Reggina's parents, Stavroula and Nicholas are able to continue without their only child, here on earth, until they are reunited in the Resurrection.

I first met Reggina at St Katherine's Friday bible study in 1992. It was shortly after I received my P plates and it was the first solo drive I ever made. Reggina married my brother in 2001 and had her first child in 2006, and second child in 2011.

Reggina Vlahos (nee Xenakis) was a much loved school teacher at Athelstane Primary School, a Sunday school teacher at St Katherine's Church, and also taught Modern Greek at the church. She met and taught thousands of children over 2 decades of teaching in various forms.

She dedicated her life to Christ and sadly became ill not long after giving birth to her first child. After a series of medical issues, it was finally acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) she succumbed to. She suffered greatly in the last year and a half, and though we miss her ever so much, we are relieved she now has rest in God. She was 47 years old.

Her trademarks words: "how is everybody, good?" will remain in our memories. Rest in piece Reggina.