IEEE Panel of Editors Conference 2017

Here we are again at yet another Panel of Editors Conference for IEEE, this time in Montreal, Canada. In this large ballroom are IEEE staffers (nametags in yellow), and IEEE editor volunteers (nametags in white). Each day we begin by introducing ourselves, member by member from the front of the room to the back.

The talks this year have ranged greatly, from ScholarsOne training on day 1 (the submission system for IEEE), to towards on submission process improvements, improvements in system interfaces, improvements in email templates to authors and reviewers, educational materials to support new submitting authors, examples of good practice in editorship, the importance of the 5-year PRAC review, the characteristics of healthy publication outlets, break out sessions with Magazine, Journal and Transactions separation, and much much more. It is about the only time of the year, that people who work so hard to bring technical publications for the IEEE get to meet in the flesh. For me, as the Editor in Chief of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine and Senior Editor of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, it is a chance to mingle with other editors to pick their brains and to suggest future joint specials. In a meeting just like this, 2 years ago, the seed was sown for this joint special with IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine. This year, I got to chat with Prof Saraju Mohanty and we've considered the possibility of several specials already, one on the much needed autonomous vehicle, and perhaps others related to one or more of the following areas: deep learning, resistive memory, neuromorphic computing and visual information recovery in IOT, and possibly the integration of nanotechnology and IS (e.g. mechatronics) each with respect to consumer electronics.

The below picture is a once a year possibility at POE. From left to right is myself, Terri Bookman (managing editor IEEE Technology and Society Magazine), Jessica Barragué (IEEE), and Craig Causer (managing editor IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine). I could not be surrounded by more beautiful people. For the last 6 years we have worked together to produce STC award winning Magazines for technical communications. It just goes to prove these days the act of editing is NOT a solo endeavour, just the contrary. Editing requires the collaboration of technical and non-technical people, each with their important contribution. Missing from the photograph are at least another 10 people who would complete the end-to-end process of editing-to-production. Feel very blessed to have been so supported by wonderful dedicated staffers.

The brilliant Terri Bookman (below right) has been editing IEEE Technology and Society which is now in its 36th year, 'forever'... well if I am not wrong for at least 2 decades... without her I would not have survived my editorship for two terms at the Magazine. Instead, Terri and I have tackled every issue with such complete harmony, helping each other to get things out even when workload times were tough. Terri acts with precision, is patient, and knows how to make works readable if they are deficient in any way. This year sees me editing T&S for the 6th year, beginning with a handover in December 2011 and initially mentored by the previous editor Professor Keith Miller.

Three issues to go, and I will be handing over the reins to the new editor. Emotional already, but I've had the time of my life growing the Magazine which has made a big impact in the IEEE global community. Last year we exactly doubled the number of individual entries in the Magazine, and almost doubled the number of citations. That is pretty exceptional when I consider we have a very limited page budget and only published about 25 peer reviewed papers per year, and the rest are commentaries, opinion pieces, leading edge pieces, columns like the Last Word, in the news, book reviews, editorials and guest editorials, Introductions to special issues, letters to the editor, President messages and more.

Source: Graphs above reported on Web of Science database and downloaded April 1, 2017.