Guest Edited Special Issues


I have dedicated a great deal of time to special issues in my research interest areas. On reflection, one of the most satisfying parts about my editing work, has been receiving so many awesome papers, from so many awesome academics. An editor is in the privileged position to accept papers for review and then to work with authors toward final revision and publication.

Below are a list of special issues that I have completed, separate to my editing responsibilities at IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, where I served as an editor-in-chief between 2012 and 2017.

There is a 'background' to every special I've completed with co-guest editors whom I've greatly admired for their effort and example. With time I hope to post the contents of each of the specials with links back to online availability.


Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation (2006), Volume 24, Issue 4: The Social Implications of National Security, Edited by Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (2008), Volume 3, Issue 1: RFID and Supply Chain Management, Edited by Tim Coltman, Rajit Gadh, and Katina Michael.

Computer Communications (2008), Volume 31, Issue 6: Advanced Location-Based Services, Edited by Miguel A. Labrador, Katina Michael and Axel Küpper.

IEEE Technology & Society Magazine (2010), Volume 29, Number 2: Uberveillance, Edited by Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

Proceedings of the IEEE (2010) - RFID- A Unique Radio Innovation for the 21st Century”, Volume 98, Issue 9, Edited by Rajit Gadh, George Roussos, Katina Michael and George Huang.

Journal of Cases in IT (2011), Volume 13, Number 2, The Social Implications of Emerging Technologies, Edited by Katina Michael, M.G. Michael and Roba Abbas.

IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (2011), Volume 30, Issue 2: The Social Implications of Emerging Technologies,  Edited by Katina Michael and M.G. Michael. 

Journal of Location-Based Services (2011), Volume 5, Issue 3-4: The social and behavioural implications of location-based services, Edited by Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

Computer (2012), Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges, Volume 46, Number 6, Edited by Katina Michael and Keith Miller.

Electronic Commerce Research (2013), Service-Based Electronic Commerce Systems, Volume 13, Issue 2, Edited by Shiguo Lian, Xi Chen, and Katina Michael.

IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (2015), Little Brother is Watching, Volume 4, Number 2, Edited by Katina Michael.

IEEE Potentials (2016), Unintended Consequences, Volume 35, Number 5, Edited by Ramona Pringle, Katina Michael and M.G. Michael.

IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (2018), Robots and Socio-Ethical Implications, Volume 37, Issue 1, Edited by Katina Michael, Diana Bowman, Meg Leta Jones, Ramona Pringle.

IEEE Robotics and Automation (2018), Socioethical Approaches to Robotics Development, Volume 25, Number 1, Edited by Noel Sharkey, Aimee van Wynsberghe, John C. Havens, Katina Michael.

Proceedings of the IEEE (2019), Machine Ethics: The Design and Governance of Ethical AI and Autonomous Systems, Volume 107, Issue 3, Alan Winfield, Katina Michael, Jeremy Pitt, Vanessa Evers.

In Progress

  • Virtual RFID Journal (2018), Katina Michael, M.G. Michael, Roba Abbas, Anas Aloudat