IEEE Technology and Society Magazine Submissions

Thinking of submitting to IEEE Technology and Society Magazine?

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I get a lot of mail about this...

Hot links include:

  1. The IEEE SSIT web site containing free content from the Magazine (non-peer review). Note the peer-reviewed work is on IEEEXplore.
  2. The IEEE TSM submission portal. This is where you upload your paper. Please note, you will need to recommend three possible reviewers through this process. The site does use cookies.
  3. Information for authors:
  4. The IEEEXplore database you could likely get through via your University Library access:

Advice: My recommendation for anyone submitting a new paper to any Transactions, Journal, Letters or Magazine publication in IEEE, is to become familiar first with the content and scope of each outlet. There is nothing like writing the perfect paper for an audience that does not exist.

Do we accept empirical work? Of course! All our peer-reviewed pieces are empirical and even equations or formulas are fine, but our audience deals at a higher level and we'd ask you to simplify and elaborate on anything 'technical'.

Do I have to be an ICT professional or engineering academic or in the STEM field in general to submit work? No. We welcome all disciplines to submit and are so excited when non-engineers with engineering interests write for us!

Do we accept photography, pictures, images, exhibits, figures, tables? Of course. But they must be your own, purchased with a license, or you must have explicit permission from the copyright holder. 

Is it okay to reveal your identity and that of the rest of the authors in your submitted paper? Yes.

What referencing style do I choose? Must be numbered in this format [1] with references listed at the end as per IEEE policy.

Does IEEE Technology and Society Magazine have a particular template I need to use? No. Our managing editor Terri Bookman takes your work and puts it in the right style template. Please note, the best way to submit a paper is in free form with limited formatting.

Does IEEE Technology and Society Magazine need an abstract with the paper submitted? No. The Magazine does not publish abstracts in its peer-reviewed content.

Do I get a proof of my work before it is published? Yes. Usually about 3-4 weeks before the scheduled publication date.

Do I get a copy of my work AFTER it is published? IEEE Technology and Society Magazine has gone green with a limited print run. You will get a PDF version of your paper. You cannot post this version online "as is" but you can post a text-only "pre-publication" version of your work online.

How many reviewers are there? All work is reviewed by the editor in chief, checked for grammatical issues by the managing editor. If the work is peer-reviewed then at least TWO reviews are expected. If there is a discrepancy in the adjudication of the paper it could go to 3 or 4 reviews. As an editor in chief, I understand that reviewers are under various time constraints and pressures. As editor I need to be convinced of the outcomes of the reviews and their respective depths, and individual's expertise. The EIC can overturn decisions handed to them by an Associate Editor based on experience, schedules, bottlenecks or other. This happens rarely, but may be related to cases of plagiarism, or technical findings in the research etc.

If my work doesn't get in to IEEE Technology and Society Magazine what should I do? I would take the feedback on board, and redraft my paper for another outlet. As EIC I have always tried to offer suggestions about places within IEEE that might be still interested in the work. Some common outlets include:

  1. IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine
  2. IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine
  3. Computer
  4. IEEE Professional
  5. IEEE Pervasive Computing
  6. IEEE Transactions on Education
  7. IEEE Norbert Wiener Conference (every two years)
  8. IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS, annually)
  9. Social Implications of National Security Workshop (SINS, annually)
  10. Governance of Emerging Technology (GET, annually)

If for any reason I get stuck in the submission process can you help me? Yes. Visit this site: and if something goes wrong just email the EIC and the Associate Editor (Administrator).

Can you make a comment about IEEE Technology and Society Magazine's impact factor? Yes. It's steadily climbing. We are not your typical outlet. Strongly multidisciplinary. Covering a wide variety of social implications of technology means we are deliberately thinly spread across the technology areas of IEEE. But it is great to see our recognition hitting almost 1.0! Something important about our Magazine as well? We do not deliberately set out to manipulate our impact factor! This has been an unwritten rule within our Society, which has ethics as one of its pillars. Once Terri Bookman and I were at the Panel of Editors conference in Washington some years ago. When this issue was raised to the community of 200 editors/managing editors we quickly scanned our latest issue to find only 2 self-cites. That ain't bad at all. Having said that, I wish more and more people could go back and access early content of the Magazine from 36 years ago-- we had some landmark work back then published, decades ahead of its time!

Good luck! IEEE Technology and Society is an awesome Magazine :) if I do say so myself. Watch this space as the new editor takes the helm in 2018!