Call for Participants - #braveconversations

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A “Human Hack Day” bringing together human minds to society’s challenges

The first day of the conference will be a workshop bringing together people from the business, government and community sectors with researchers from a range of disciplines.

Themes we will explore include:

  • Democracy & politics
  • Privacy & individual liberty
  • New economics
  • Technology leadership & ethics

We need brave conversations around:

  • In a “post-truth” world how can we slow the spread of fake news?
  • What are the dangers of life inside our social bubbles and continuous positive reinforcement?
  • In new economics, what will the impact of changing structures, networks and innovation be?
  • Open Source or protecting IP? How can you change business models without giving away shareholder value?
  • How to add value in the age of ubiquitous connectivity and total knowledge?
  • Managing your reputation in an increasingly transparent world
  • Everyone benefits? If the web is the ultimate force for globalisation how do we ensure everybody benefits?
  • “Should humanity become God” – who or what do we want to become as a species?
  • The rise of the hyper-corporation and the ramifications for the world.

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