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Course Intended Learning Outcomes

CILO 1: Describe the social implications of big data using real-world cases

CILO 2: Analyse open big datasets in diverse vertical sectors with an ability to identify privacy and security issues

CILO 3: Apply legal frameworks, like the GDPR, in the context of big data applications in business and government

Big data and privacy by design

Big data and policing

CILO 4: Create nuanced frameworks and approaches for the management of big data commons for social good

CILO 5: Identify the impact of emerging technologies on big data governance to minimise risks and maximise benefits

Driverless vehicles and big data

Ethics of biomedical data

Course Contents

The class made up of five chapters.

1.      Concepts in the social implications of technology

Big data and biodiversity science

2.      Privacy and security by design principles in the construction of big datasets and systems

Privacy by Design

Engineering Privacy by Design

Big Data Security and Privacy

3.      The General Data Protection Regulation and its application to big data for business professionals

Big data and the GDPR

4.      Big data commons for the social goal, incorporating sustainable development goals$chart-type=bubbles

5. Big data governance and the roles and responsibilities of data stewards

The ethics of big data